Restaurant Scorecard

  Restaurant Scorecard: Ice buildup, uncovered food, plus two new restaurants

Restaurant Scorecard: Mold, Slime, Odors. Plus a new restaurant is open, and we have a perfect score.

Restaurant Scorecard: Bugs, larvae, and slime in the ice machine; Plus, a new type of restaurant coming to Myrtle Beach

Restaurant Scorecard: Handling raw meat then failing to wash hands. Plus a new place for cookie dough lovers!

Restaurant Scorecard: Leaky faucets, blocked sinks, and some shut the doors for good

Restaurant Scorecard: Businesses cited for live bugs, unwashed bowls served to customers

Continued Coverage

  Restaurant Scorecard: School’s out this week, but restaurants boast straight As in health inspections

Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies, maggots and mildew at some restaurants, perfect score at another

Restaurant Scorecard: Several eateries dinged for not having soap, towels at sinks

Restaurant Scorecard: Flies and mildew in some kitchens

Restaurant Scorecard: Flies on food, equipment; food stored on the floor at some spots

Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies and mold in kitchens this week

  Restaurant Scorecard: Flies, other problems at some spots; near-perfect score at another restaurant

From pizza to pasta, bagels to burgers, you'll want to know which spot state health inspectors say had flies on the food.

Restaurant Scorecard: Roaches on walls and flies at one eatery, near-perfect scores at two spots

Roaches were seen climbing up the walls and flies were found near the sink in a few eateries. But don't worry, a couple spots get near-perfect scores, including a new Italian restaurant.

  Restaurant Scorecard: Flies in kitchens, but near-perfect scores at rib joint and bistro

From moldy food and flies in the drain and kitchen, to near-perfect scores at a rib joint and an Asian bistro, we've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Restaurant Scorecard: Popular burger joint receives perfect score

A roach, flies and dead bugs were found at a couple of spots, while a perfect score was registered at a place you may go for burgers.

Restaurant Scorecard: Two breakfast favorites score in low 90s; two miss perfect score by a point

Restaurant Scorecard: Surfside Beach restaurant serves southern tradition, earns 'A'

Restaurant Scorecard: Popular golfer’s namesake eatery gets “C” grade